Sex Workers WANT to Stop Trafficking (Video)

Sex workers and advocates for sex workers say why it’s important to include them, and their clients, in the fight against sex trafficking. They ARE part of the solution, but criminalization and harassment by law enforcement often prevents them from doing so.

Ten Reasons to Decriminalize Sex Work

Sex work is criminalized either through direct prohibitions on selling sexual services for money or through laws that prohibit solicitation of sex, living off of the earnings of sex work, brothel-keeping, or procuring sexual services. By reducing the freedom of sex workers to negotiate condom use with clients, organize for fair treatment, and publicly advocate for their rights, criminalization and aggressive policing have been shown to increase sex workers’ vulnerability to violence, extortion, and health risks.

This document from Open Society Foundations provides ten reasons why decriminalizing sex work is the best policy for promoting health and human rights for sex workers, their families, and communities.