Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP)


The standard paradigms through which sex work is currently viewed – AIDS, trafficking, and violence against women – fail to fully address the human rights of sex workers. It is therefore crucial that sex workers represent their own realities and fully participate in dialogues and decision making about issues that affect them. Achieving these requires sex workers to organise at local, national, regional and international levels.

Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)


The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) is a network of non-governmental organisations from all regions of the world, who share a deep concern for the women, children and men whose human rights have been violated by the criminal practice of trafficking in persons.

GAATW is committed to work for changes in the political, economic, social and legal systems and structures which contribute to the persistence of trafficking in persons and other human rights violations in the context of migratory movements for diverse purposes, including security of labour and livelihood. In particular, GAATW addresses the diverse issues arising from the trafficking in persons as currently defined in the Palermo Protocol. Within this framework, it addresses the core aspects of trafficking in persons: forced labour and services in all sectors of the formal and informal economy as well as the public and private organisation of work. Furthermore, GAATW promotes and defends the rights and safety of all migrants and their families against the threats of an increasingly globalised and informal labour market.

GAATW applies a Human Rights Based Approach to address trafficking issues.

Kitestring (Safety App)


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Triple-X Workers’ Solidarity Association of British Columbia (Canada)


Triple-X Workers stand together:

  • for fair wages and minimum rates
  • against laws and regulations that discriminate against us
  • to ensure regulations treat us with validity, fairness and respect
  • against unprotected sexual contact in our workplace
  • to play an active role in British Columbia’s response to our work including public health, municipal regulation, and workplace safety
  • against abuse, exploitation and harassment of all workers.

Zi Teng: Sex Workers in Hong Kong (China)


Zi Teng is a non-governmental organization formed by people of different working experiences. They are social workers, labor activists, researchers specializing in women studies and church workers etc. who care and concern about the interest and basic rights of women.

We believe that all women, regardless of their profession, social classes, religion, or races, have the same basic human rights, that they are equal and entitled to fair and equal treatment in the legal and judicial system, that nobody should be oppressed against, that all people should live dignity.

Sex Worker’s Outreach Project-NSW (Australia)


Sex Workers Outreach Project-NSW’s (SWOP-New South Wales ‘s) mission is to improve the health of all sex workers in NSW through innovative, holistic and effective approaches to sexual health, and to improve the protection of our human rights. SWOP provides sexual health information and support to people who engage in sex work. We are the leading sex worker organisation in NSW for HIV, STI and Hepatitis C education and prevention.

We run a variety of health promotion programs and provide outreach to sex industry workplaces. We also work with sex industry owners and operators to encourage the acceptance and maintenance of safe sex practices, and other forms of workplace health and safety.

Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (South Africa)


Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT) was a birth child of the early nineties, its origin capturing the excitement and hope that went with the transition from apartheid to democracy and a constitution respecting human rights. Shane Petzer, a male sex worker and the founding member of SWEAT, drove forward the work which in 1994 developed into a project of ASET (AIDS Support, Education and Training) with the purpose of establishing a non-governmental service organisation focusing on safer sex educational work with adult sex workers. With the expansion of work SWEAT became independent in 1996, and registered as a non-profit organisation.

TASZ/Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU)


The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (HCLU) is a non-profit human rights watchdog NGO established in Budapest, Hungary in 1994. The HCLU is a Hungarian human rights watchdog working independently of political parties, the state or any if its institutions.

The HCLU strives to educate citizens about their basic human rights and freedoms, and takes stand against undue interference and misuse of power by those in positions of authority.