Non-judgmental counseling, Alessandra Lanti


Alessandra Lanti, LPC Intern, MA, CPCI (verified listing in Psychology Today)

I am more specifically trained in working and sharing meaningful time with persons who work in the sex industry, who practice a wide range of alternative romantic/sexual lifestyles, and with sex and gender diverse persons and communities.

I am particularly sympathetic to issues of stigma and discrimination, aging, life transitions and physical pain associated with a lifetime of dancing and performing that often afflicts performers and entertainers. I come from a sex-positive, non-judgmental, empowerment-focused approach that celebrates sexual/romantic and cultural diversity.

Email: or Call: 310-923-5409

Non-judgmental counseling, Jane Heenan


Jane Heenan, M.S., M.F.T. (verified listing in Psychology Today)

My practice supports authentic living. I hope to join with persons and offer my understanding of where they are. Such genuine contact encourages awareness of possibilities that otherwise remain just out of reach. Relationship is central; foundations of healthy relationships include trust, respect, honesty and risk-taking. Persons I sit with commonly say I am supportive and challenging, non-judgmental and safe. Persons with previous experience in therapy say that our play together is “different” than their other therapy relationships, perhaps because I fundamentally believe persons are good and have inherent power to grow and change.

(702) 475-6474 or (702) 810-4159

X Tax Pros- trusted for your financial needs & protection


X Tax Pros is your one-stop shop for all your tax, financial planning and asset protection needs. The owner, Mike Moore works with the adult entertainment industry in mind and has many local clients to support his integrity including identity protection. He has an office in Las Vegas and one in Wyoming where he also specializes in LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) business setups and startups.

X Tax Pros has worked with several production companies and adult entertainers. Mike is a regular financial supporter of local adult-oriented community-based events as well as various national and international adult entertainment industry conventions such as AVN, XBIZ and other webcam gatherings. SWOP-Las Vegas extends our gratitude for the use of the Las Vegas office for meetings and events.

LV Criminal Defense- Nicholas Wooldridge, Esq

LV Criminal Defense was founded in 2015 by Nick Wooldridge to serve clients in the Las Vegas area.  Before founding LV Criminal Defense, Nick Wooldridge has enjoyed a long and distinguished career as a criminal defense attorney in both Nevada and New York.

Mr. Wooldridge is a Las Vegas native who obtained his law degree at the University of Nevada- Las Vegas Law School, after first earning is Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish from the University of Nevada Reno.

As an experienced and knowledgeable Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, Nick Wooldridge has a long track record of representing clients accused of serious federal and state crimes.  Mr. Wooldridge firmly believes that every client deserves to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and is committed to providing legal representation to every criminal defendant whether you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor or a serious felony offense.

520 S. 4th St.; Las Vegas, NV 89101


HELP of Southern Nevada


We assist families and individuals throughout Southern Nevada to overcome barriers and attain self-sufficiency through direct services, training and referral to community resources.

Your help and support of our programs and services will ensure that our mission is carried forth and that we can help people help themselves by connecting them to services, training and referrals they need to be successful and self-sufficient.


HELP of Southern Nevada is the premiere community resource in the Valley. Over the years, the organization has grown exponentially and to make sure everything they do falls within their mission the building blocks for HELP of Southern Nevada lead to four cornerstones: Housing, Emergency Services, Life Skills and Prevention. Within these four cornerstones there are a myriad of services and programs designed to assist those seeking self-sufficiency in our community.

Nevada Legal Services, Inc.


It is the Mission of Nevada Legal Services to strengthen the community by ensuring fairness and providing equal access to justice for low-income Nevadans.

530 S. 6th Street; Las Vegas, NV 89101

*Do You Want a Clean Slate? Ask about Sealing Your Criminal Record!

Nevada Legal Services, Inc. (NLS) is a non-profit organization providing free legal services to low income Nevadans. NLS is a state wide organization assisting every county in Nevada. We are funded through various sources but are primarily funded through a grant from the federal government by way of the Legal Services Corporation.

Because we are primarily grant funded, we do have income guidelines we must follow. Generally, we can only represent Nevadans with income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. We also have restrictions on the amount of assets our clients can have. With our other grant funding these income levels can change. Please feel free to contact any of our offices and we will be more than happy to do an intake to see if you qualify for our services.

Since 1981, the staff of NLS has represented clients in federal courts, state courts, and in administrative hearings. The staff negotiates on behalf of our clients where possible to try to resolve matters without the need for litigation. We have provided legal advice to countless Nevadans seeking our assistance over the years in a host of legal issues.

Abeni (Orange County, CA)


Abeni exists to create a safe, confidential place for those working in the Orange County sex trades, as well as those being domestically sex trafficked.

We aim to be a present source of relevant, relational, and holistic support for those who are working or have worked in the adult entertainment industry…

Some of us at Abeni remember what it was like when we were in the sex industry. Sometimes we just wanted a friend, someone to walk alongside us with no expectations, with no agenda, and no ulterior motives. Some of us really enjoyed our time in the industry, as well as the flexibility and economic freedom it offered. When we decided that we wanted to change our circumstances, we needed emotional encouragement and contacts to find jobs, housing, educational opportunities, and social circles. We needed access to services and resources, but we didn’t know where to get them. That’s why we’re here now.

While we heard lots of people outside the industry talking about the industry, we realized that not a lot of people were listening to those currently in the industry.  We knew that we needed to listen to their stories, see the world through their lens, and learn from their experiences.

The understanding that resulted changed everything for us and helped shape Abeni into who we are now, as well as who we’re committed to becoming in the future.