Start A Chapter

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Starting a SWOP Chapter is easy!

We ask that you agree with SWOP-USA’s Mission Statement.

We ask that you follow our national SWOP Agreements.


(Once established) We ask that you do something for the following 4 events:
March 3rd, International Sex Worker Rights Day
* Your local LGBTQ Pride (if you have one)
November 20th, Transgender Day of Remembrance
December 17th, International Day To End Violence Against Sex Workers.

Once you, and the rest of the people involved in the local chapter have committed to these things, we then try to get one of our Field Team Members in touch with you, to start helping you build some local chapter resources, and getting plugged in to the national organizing, and regional organizing that is happening in your area.

If you are interested in starting your own chapter, please contact:  info(at)